Hi. My name is Dan.

My fiction has appeared in Fredericksburg Literary & Art Review, Paragraph Planet, and the forthcoming Telephone, curated by The Open House Collective, of which I am a co-founder. My plays have received productions in New York, New Jersey, and Ohio, including The Bedtime Story Problem by Novus Productions and Sleeping on the Moon at Ohio University, a production which I also directed. Bedtime was long-listed for the Warner Theatre’s International Playwriting Award in 2013.

Additionally, I have worked as a sound designer with The Flea Theater, Meta-Phys Ed., and the Monomoy Theater. As a musician, I have released three full-length albums under the name Friends in Distraction, four albums of experimental electronic music as After Lake Starfish, and have appeared as a touring member of the emerging powerpop group Teenage Halloween. I am an active contributor to TheSportster and have written in the past for Independent Music News.

My guiding artistic philosophy is in the empowerment of the individual creator by the freedom to grow in different disciplines. I believe that, in today’s increasingly integrated world, it is not only pragmatic but artistically liberating for creators to dabble in as many modes as they can; their art will develop in unexpected and fascinating ways.

Hailing from Woodbridge NJ, I currently reside in New York City. I received a BFA from Ohio University in 2014.

Contact me at drbwriter@gmail.com. Follow me on Twitter, if that’s your thing. I’m not on Facebook, but if you email me, I’ll send you my Spotify profile so you can follow all my sick playlists.

See ya.