Concepts Cannot Save a Soul

From Bandcamp:

Hey, kiddos. My name is Dan Baker, and here are a couple of songs I wrote in an attempt to describe what life was like in the year 2018. It’s just me, a guitar, and an iPhone on this album, and truthfully I don’t think anything else would have been right this time around. 

Try and remember, as you walk through this chaos and attempt to keep your head up, that nothing is gonna save your soul until you open up your chest, let the people who matter to you see that suffering thing, and ask them for the help you need; until you’re ready to keep your eyes and ears and heart open to help them do the same. 

New Year’s Eve is my favorite day of the year. Everything is soft, comforting, and poetic. Tonight, I’m gonna drink beer, play games, and count down to midnight with people I love. I hope you get to do your own version of that, and I wish you nothing but warmth and fulfillment in the coming year. 

<3 DB

Happy New Year!