#48daysofnjtransit – later


Around this time last year, I started a photo series called #48daysofnjtransit in an attempt to manage some uncertainty and ennui as I spent 48 days temporarily living in my hometown and commuting into NYC (almost) every day.

I have never considered myself a photographer, nor do I consider myself one now, but it was pretty neat to commit to doing a full project in a medium that I know almost nothing about. It was a good outlet for this near-unsettling amount of creative energy I had and opened up a line of thinking toward my artistic endeavors: that I should pursue projects out of curiosity and treat each new one as a learning experience.

Would it be nice to make a living writing, playing music, or just being an artsy weirdo? You bet. But in the past year I’ve begun the slow journey of accepting that there’s more to making shit than whether or not it will reward you financially. Kind of a basic lesson, but one we’d all do well to learn, and to continue re-learning.

I still take NJ Transit at least once a week (most weeks) to practice music with #Gambo. I use it to get to gigs and to go see others play. I use it to see my friends and family. Today, I’m taking a train to go eat pizza with my parents, sister, her husband, and my nieces. I’m having a much less creative summer than last year, but that’s okay. When I need to make something again, I will.