After Lake Starfish – IV: No Backup

So, a few weeks ago, I fractured my elbow. I had been planning/putting off recording the last Friends in Distraction for some months and, when I finally got serious about it, fractured my elbow. I’m not really able to play guitar, and so am kinda bummed about it.

But I decided to record an After Lake Starfish album instead. ALS has been a shadow project of mine for a while and, somehow, has been going for six years. I’ve never really told a lot of people about it, because it’s weird and I never cared as much if people listened to it as I did about just doing it as a sort of palette cleanser between other projects.

But so, I’m sharing this today because 1) I really like it, and 2) It was an interesting way to use making music as a way of coping with my injury. 99% of what you hear on this was recorded with one hand, except for a few guitar & bass licks I had lying around from before the injury.

If you’re so inclined, check it out.