Our Tomorrow

For the last 18 months, we’ve been inundated with political vitriol the likes of which I have no frame of reference for in the 24 years I’ve been on this planet. I’ve read the words “Trump” and “Hillary” and “emails” and “pussy” and “Benghazi” and “taxes” so many times that they’ve started to lose their meaning. I’ve seen family members engage in profanity-laden arguments on each other’s Facebook posts and/or grit their teeth and pointedly decide *NOT* to discuss politics over dinner. I’ve seen countless clickbaity headlines demonizing every point of view, death threats on YouTube live streams of the debates, strangers shouting at each other in the streets for wearing a T-shirt or a baseball cap or a pin on their jacket that expresses their political preference.

I’m seeing a lot of people impart the sentiment that, well, at least tomorrow it will be over. I’m not convinced, no matter which way the election goes, that it will be; we have a lot of damage to repair. The last 18 months have unearthed a lot of ugliness in our country, and if we’re smart and diligent citizens of history, we won’t soon forget it.

I want to believe that no matter who gets elected to the presidency that we will be okay. Trump is a racist fuck and Clinton is as crooked as any other person who’s spent the better part of their lives working in a place as seedy and broken as Washington D.C., but I want to believe that no one person has the power to destroy the country/the world/the universe. (You may think that’s hyperbolic, but you and I have both seen people who hold the belief that one candidate or the other will do so.)

No comment.

I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. I decided that over a year ago. I’m going to my polling place around the corner at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow with my voter ID, passport, and every other photo ID I can muster just to be absolutely certain that nothing gets in the way of me casting that vote. It’s important to me, and I hope it’s important to you too. Tomorrow night, I’ll be in my living room with a beer, a Domino’s pizza, and my friends, either celebrating or commiserating. We’ll see.

We start with our votes. If you haven’t done so already, vote. Vote for the president and vote for your reps in congress and vote in your local races. After you vote, hold your breath and hope your candidates win.

I know some people in my network are Republicans, many of whom think Trump is just as much of a fuck as my liberal friends do. I don’t envy their position. I know other people who were “Bernie or bust” types, and I don’t envy theirs either. I’m not going to prescribe decisions to anyone, but I hope they all make the sensible one.

This post is just another drop in the bucket. I am just another angry and exhausted voter shouting their little opinion into the digital echo chamber, but it’s helping me to contend with the vileness of this election. I know that, at the end of the day, all most of us want is a platform, and for that social media seems to be useful. Just remember that no matter the outcome of tomorrow, we will have to contend with whatever reality we’ve created.

Be well. And vote.