“No” Punk Time!

Well, it’s 7:54 and I have a feeling my set will not start at 8:00.
The promoter got on the wrong highway. The venue owners are still day drinking. I’m not angry–this is how it goes at a DIY show.

The term is “punk time” and every show insists “NO PUNK TIME” on their Facebook event. The doors will open at 7:30; the music will start at 8:00.

Pictured: upping the punx.

But things happen, you know, like they will in any other situation: the touring band gets stuck in traffic; the headliner’s guitarist slept through an alarm; the kids in the audience are at work, waiting for a ride, or trying to find someone to buy them booze. So, when 8:00 comes around and there are three people in the audience, the promoter inevitably gives in to the pressure of punk time.

Maybe there is a magic hour–5:37am on Wednesdays, 11:07pm on the Monday of long holiday weekends–an hour wherein no discernible reason to start late can exist.

But, you know, adhering to the hypothetical construct of time doesn’t sound very punk.